Lampka - Really Tiny Book Light with E-Reader Adapter (Biała)

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  • Autor: That Company Called 'IF'
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  • Producent: That Company Called 'IF'
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With the strong take up of e-reading devices, books have taken on a whole new dimension for those who like the idea of having their entire library fitting snugly into their pocket. And as e-reader readers also like to read on past the daylight and into the evening, we have designed a rather neat way to accommodate those of a nocturnal nature by producing a small adapter to partner our popular Really Tiny Book Light which clips snuggly onto the top or sides.The adapter is rubber lined so as to grip and not scratch and is flexible enough to work with different thicknesses of device. The light then just clips in to illuminate the screen for low light reading. A simple, neat and welcome addition into our ever growing family of reading accessories.And with this product you get the best of both worlds - you can still use the light to clip onto a real book without the adapter!