Lampka/Brelok - Really Tiny Keyring (Pomarańczowy)

  • Kod: 5035393050047
  • Autor: That Company Called 'IF'
  • Dostępność: Dostępna
  • Producent: That Company Called 'IF'
  • Format: zawieszka do kluczy / lampka

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Look at me! Look at meee!
Hot on the heels of our award winning Really Tiny Book Light comes this touchy-feely fab fun gift item.
The pebble-shaped keyring is once again rubber-coated, this time over a metal casing secured to a 30mm metal double ring, giving it a lovely weighty feel. There is a single super-bright LED light - to help you find things in the dark - which is operated by a round, flush mounted button. Available in the same seven tangy colours as its cousin, this one is cute, cuddly and a bit of a show off...