Diagrams Book: 50 Ways to Solve Any Problem Visually

  • Kod: 9781907794292
  • Autor: Duncan Kevin
  • Dostępność: Dostępna
  • Producent: LID Publishing
  • Rok wydania:  2013-03-30
    Ilość stron:  128
    Oprawa: twarda
    Format: 180 x 122 mm

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People find it difficult to express ideas and solve problems purely with words. They find it much easier to use diagrams. Distilled into this single, handy-sized volume are 50 of the most useful diagrams, which are used by consultants, academics, MBA students and smart managers globally to aid their problem-solving and thinking. Triangle and pyramids, grids and axes, timelines, flows and concepts, circles - the 50 diagrams are each visually presented and then explained in an accessible manner, including tips and advice on how you can apply them to your own situations.