Verbalising the Visual

  • Kod: 9782940373017
  • Autor: Clarke Michael
  • Dostępność: Brak
  • Producent: AVA Publishing
    •  Paperback | 208 pages
    •  216 x 298 x 26mm 
    •  08 Jan 2008

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Is every picture worth a thousand words? And what words should they be? Verbalising the Visual explores the ever-changing relationship between language, objects, and meanings, and considers how we translate the experience of visual culture into written and spoken words. World-renowned author and cultural commentator Michael Clarke looks at a range of language--formal and informal, academic and colloquial, global and local—and reveals how this language characterizes current art and design discourse. More than 300 pictures illustrate the intriguing examples. Ideal for visual arts students and helpful for anyone interested in writing and talking about art, including everyone in marketing, advertising, and communications, Verbalising the Visual is a refreshing, insightful look at words and pictures and the place where they intersect.