Thomas Struth: The Monographs 1977-2010

  • Kod: 9783829604659
  • Autor: Struth Thomas
  • Dostępność: Zapytaj o dostępność
  • Producent: Schirmer/Mosel
    •  Hardback | 282 pages
    •  285 x 300mm
    •  30 Jun 2010

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Thomas Struth, born in 1954 in funds, since the late 90s, one of the best known and most successful international photographic artist. In the field of large-format recording, he has set with the series including roads, Family Portraits, Museum Images and its New Pictures from Paradise called nature study new aesthetic standards. With great precision, color clarity and a sure sense of composition, he always aimed at both men as well as sights to casual topics that are perceived by passersby more unconscious. In this arena he has made himself internationally with his work a name. This monograph with texts by Tobias Bezzola, James Lingwood, Annette Kruzynski and Armin Zweite accompanies a traveling exhibition in Zurich (11.6 - 12.9.2010.) Is shown, Dusseldorf (March to August 2011), London and Porto. The layout of this book, which brings together the highlights of the Struth'schen Photo works is, the Spanish designer Fernando Gutierrez