The Land of Ulro

  • Kod: 9780374519377
  • Autor: Milosz Czesław
  • Dostępność: Zapytaj o dostępność
  • Producent: FSG
  • Rok wydania: 2000-05-22
    Ilość stron: 300
    Oprawa: miękka
    Format: 215 x 140 mm

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This major prose work, originally published in English in 1985, is both a moving spiritual self-portrait and an unflinching inquiry into the genesis of our modern afflictions. A man who was raised a Catholic in rural Lithuania, lived through the Nazi occupation of Poland, and emerged, first in Europe and then in America, as one of our most important men of letters, speaks here of the inherited dilemmas of our civilization in a voice recognizable for its honesty and passion.