Rules of Vengeance

  • Kod: 9781846053542
  • Autor: Reich Christopher
  • Dostępność: Dostępna
  • Producent: Century Press
  • Rok wydania: 2009-08-06
    Ilość stron: 432
    Oprawa: miękka
    Format: 232 x 153 mm

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It is six months since Jonathan Ransom foiled the attack on an Israeli jet that threatened to plunge the world into war. He has spent the last six months in hiding in South East Asia avoiding having to confront his wife’s double life and the lie that was their eight-year marriage.

Now Emma has initiated a reconciliation which Ransom reluctantly goes along with. They meet in London and vow to start over with no more secrets between them.

But only minutes after they reunite, they bear witness to a terrible act of violence. A band of gunmen ambush a convoy of limousines carrying the U.S. Secretary of State and the Saudi Arabian Oil Minister to a secret meeting. Caught in the midst of the attack, Jonathan and Emma take matters into their own hands. When the violence subsides, the Saudi Minister has been killed, all of the terrorists are dead, and Emma is missing. Despite their actions, Jonathan and Emma fall under suspicion.