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  • Autor: Braun
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  • Producent: Braun Publishing
  • Rok wydania: 2009-05-18
    Ilość stron: 400
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From the Contents:
  • Atelier House Meier in Soglio, Italy (Ruinelli Associati architetti)
  • Penthouse in New York, NY, USA (Studio GAIA)
  • House Kekkapäa in Espoo, Finland (POOK Architects Ltd.)
  • St. John's Wood Kitchen in London, Great Britain (Crawford Partnership)
  • B  House in Stuttgart, Germany (Bottega  +Erhardt)

Cooking as an event, the kitchen as a meeting place and center of communication: architects and interior designers use functional, creative and sometimes off-beat design concepts to satisfy these demands of the modern kitchen. Surprising combinations of materials and breathtaking displays of light and form are integrated into the architectural and aesthetic fabric of the living area. This 400-page volume presents an astonishing variety of unusual and flawlessly executed kitchen designs from Europe, the USA, Australia and Asia. Cook! is a declaration of love to the kitchen and awakens a desire to cook – together.