Lupa "The Wayfarers" The Really Useful Magnifying Bookmark

  • ISBN: 5035393367084
  • Autor: That Company Called 'IF'
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  • Wydawnictwo: That Company Called 'IF'
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The really useful Magnifying Bookmark has a dual purpose: remembering where you stopped reading and the fresnel lens will quickly de-frustrate the small print and bring the words back into focus as you read. One of those little things that make life so much better. Big things come in bookmark sized packages!

• Double magnification

• High quality fresnel lens

• Bag and pocket sized

• A quick and handy magnifier

This super cool bookmark is a great little gift, especially for people not ready to accept they need reading glasses… Choose from one the funky designs: The Wayfarers, the spyglass, the horn rims, the binoculars, the eyeglass, the cat eyes, the academics or the optometrics.