Indians + 2 CDs

  • Kod: 9788863500004
  • Autor: Praca zbiorowa
  • Dostępność: Dostępna
  • Producent: Ear Books
  • Rok wydania: 2009-07-30
    Ilość stron: 120
    Oprawa: twarda
    Format: 280 x 280 mm

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This title contains a book and 2 CDs. The myth of North American Indians has a great appeal for most of the people and in this extraordinary ear book the viewer can find more than a hundred photogravure images of Indians tribes such as Apache, Navaho, Sioux, Arapaho, Cheyenne, Yuma, Hapi, Hupa, Mohave, Apsaroke and many others in an unique photographic portfolio taken from the prestigious Northwestern University Library/Evanston, Illinois. Music CDs: The CDs represent the best possible soundtrack for this incredible voyage through the native Americans tradition. The Mohicans music project has been one of the most successful ethno-pop project ever released.