The Illustrated Dictionary of Snark : A Snide, Sarcastic Guide to Verbal Sparring, Comebacks, Irony, Insults, and Much More

  • Kod: 9781510740402
  • Autor: Dorfman Lawrence
  • Dostępność: Dostępna
  • Producent: Skyhorse
  • Rok wydania: 2019-05-19
    Ilość stron: 336
    Oprawa: miękka
    Format: 178 x 254 mm

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What do Dorothy Parker, Groucho Marx, H. L. Mencken, Oscar Wilde, Robert Benchley, George Bernard Shaw, Jules Feiffer, Bill Hicks, Bill Maher, Phyllis Diller, Edith Piaf, W. C. Fields, Mark Twain, Voltaire, Charles Bukowski, and countless others have in common?
Not a thing, other than each was a brilliantly snarky wit and all are included in this compendium of the original snark handbooks.
Hear wit, sarcasm, and offhanded comments from:
The Snark Handbook: A Reference Guide to Verbal Sparring
The Snark Handbook: Insult Edition
The Snark Handbook: Sex Edition
Snark! The Herald Angels Sing
The Snark Handbook: Politics and Government Edition
The Snark Handbook: Cliches Edition
The Snark Handbook: Parenting Edition
Isn't that enough!?!?
A minor literary success (beloved by both minors and miners), the snark handbooks have cemented their position in the literary world, high atop toilet seats everywhere. Now in one great big edition, this lofty tome promises to fulfill the need to chuckle, guffaw, titter, groan, and belly laugh as readers dip in and out of the great minds in literature, comedy, movies, music, and more. Proceed with caution.