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For 26 years House + House Architects have created intimate, personal architecture. This new book documents the firm’s recent residential work in California, Mexico and the Caribbean, and examines their design process through exploratory sketches

and exquisite photography.

Cathi and Steven House’s extensive travels throughout Europe, Asia and Latin America, with focused studies in the Mediterranean and Mexico, have moulded them into architects with poetic insight into the use of light and shadow, movement and pause, place and embrace. Their work is influenced not by trends or fashion, but rather by light, culture, views, climate and the desire to inspire.

In their humane and handcrafted modernism Cathi and Steven House think with infused spatial colour, inclusive boundaries and sculpted natural light, yielding environments where the passage is as important as the arrival. Their work calls to mind a quote by Mexico’s great poet, Octavio Paz: ‘solid without heaviness and tied to the earth but with a desire for flight.’