Essential arts and crafts

  • Kod: 9781851774470
  • Autor: Livingstone Karen
  • Dostępność: Brak
  • Producent: V & A
  • Rok wydania: 2005-05-21
    Ilość stron: 96
    Oprawa: twarda

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Ruch Arts and Crafts był jednym z najważniejszych i najbardziej znaczących nurtów w sztuce. W pracach projektantów takich, jak: C.R.Mackintosh, C.F.A.Voysey, Josef Hoffmann, Frank Lloyd Wright, Gustav Stickley i  Bernard Leach dostrzec można cele tego ruchu: odrodzenie rzemiosła czy społeczną i przemysłową reformę. Publikacja wprowadza w historię nurtu poprzez najważniejsze jego realizacje.


The Arts and Crafts Movement was one of the most far-reaching and influential design movements of modern times, changing contemporary thought about work and the home and resulting in designs which still have resonance today. In the work of designers such as C.R.Mackintosh, C.F.A.Voysey, Josef Hoffmann, Frank Lloyd Wright, Gustav Stickley and Bernard Leach we see the main concerns of Arts and Crafts played out across Europe, America and, later, Japan. Their common goals were social and industrial reform, the revival of handicrafts, a return to the simple life, and the improvement of art for everyday life. In pursuit of these aims they produced some of the most iconic and popular architecture, art and design of the age. Essential Arts and Crafts provides an indispensable introduction to this popular movement through images of some of its most innovative and appealing works of art, from furniture and painting to textiles and jewellery.


Karen Livingstone is curator of the exhibition ‘International Arts and Crafts’, and a member of the Research Department at the V&A. She co-edited International Arts and Crafts(V&A 2005) and has contributed to several publications, including Design and the Decorative Arts: Britain 1500-1900 (V&A 2001) and The Persistence of Craft (2002).