You Didn't Hear it from Us

  • ISBN: 9780007235605
  • Autor: Zaric Dushan, Kosmas Jason
  • Availability: Available
  • Publisher: Element Books
  • Published: 2007-02-05
    Pages: 240
    Format: 130 x 197 mm

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Dushan and Jason are two hip bartenders in New York. Their cocktail mixing skills are extraordinary; their insights into why some girls get the guy and others stay washed up and single, legendary. "You Didn't Hear It From Us" is full of hilarious and extraordinary revelations from behind the bar that will help you catch the man of your dreams. Turnaround your luck with men with the help of Dushan and Jason. These two hot, award-winning bartenders from New York have a shrewd eye for what works to get a guy and what doesn't. In fact, they are so good that they know long before you do if you'll hit it off with that guy you're eyeing up - or if you'll crash and burn. Full of incredible and hilarious insights into the minds of men, Dushan and Jason show you how to strut your stuff with confidence and get - and keep - the man of your dreams. On the house - free shots with your order: What your drink says about you; Alcohol cure-alls to hiccups, hangovers, tooth aches; The greatest bar scams.