XXXHolic 5

  • ISBN: 9780345477897
  • Autor: Clamp
  • Availability: Available
  • Publisher: Del Rey Books
  • Published: 2005-05-31
    Pages: 192
    Format: 196x 128 mm

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Kimihiro Watanuki is the indentured servant of Yûko, the beautiful but completely unpredictable Space-Time Witch. He must work at her bizarre wish-granting shop until he can pay off his own wish: to be free of the spirits that haunt him. Yûko’s latest customer is a rain spirit who wants Kimihiro dispatched on a rescue mission. Little does Kimihiro know that this mission will take him to death’s door!

Kimihiro has another problem. A cute spirit has given him a Valentine’s Day present, which means he’s obligated by Japanese custom to return the favor. What do you get a girl who may not even exist in this world?