Woes of the True Policeman

  • ISBN: 9781447233305
  • Autor: Bolano Roberto
  • Availability: Out of stock
  • Publisher: Picador
  • Published: 2014-01-16
    Pages: 272
    Format: 129 x 198 mm

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Crushed by a devastating scandal, university professor Oscar Amalfitano flees Barcelona for Santa Teresa - a Mexican city close to the US border. In this sprawling town, where women are being killed in staggering numbers, Amalfitano begins an affair with Castillo, a young forger of Larry Rivers paintings, while his daughter, Rosa, reeling from the weight of his secrets, seeks solace in a romance of her own. Featuring characters and stories from The Savage Detectives and 2666, Woes of the True Policeman explores the power of art, memory, and desire - and marks the culmination of one of the great careers of world literature.