Stories in the Stars : An Atlas of Constellations

  • ISBN: 9780091954451
  • Autor: Hislop Susanna
  • Availability: Out of stock
  • Publisher: Hutchinson
  • Published: 2014-10-30
    Pages: 224
    Format: 193 x 267 mm

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Travel the night sky and discover the stories in the stars. "What a beautiful book it is! A treasured possession." (Mary Beard). "No astronomy book can claim to be as beautiful as the night sky, but Stories in the Stars comes closest!" (Tristan Gooley). Look up: above us is a jet-black canvas pricked with white dots, and a carnival of animals, mythical creatures, gods and goddesses in its shining constellations. Here, Susanna Hislop - writer and stargazer - and Hannah Waldron - international artist - leap between centuries, cultures and traditions to present a whole universe of stories in all their blazing glory. Stories in the Stars is an imaginative and whimsical exploration of each of the night sky's 88 constellations: a playful and stunningly illustrated compendium.