Red Mandarin Dress

  • ISBN: 9780340935194
  • Autor: Xiaolong Qiu
  • Availability: Available
  • Publisher: Sceptre Press
  • Published: 2008-07-24
    Pages: 236

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An early morning jogger found her. Clad in nothing but a red mandarin dress, she had been dumped on a traffic island. The death of a 'dancing girl' was unpleasant but only unusual in that she had been left so openly in the centre of town. She had probably angered one of the 'Mr Big Bucks' who were taking over and transforming Shanghai.

Inspector Chen is an intuitive investigator, a talented poet and an honourable man on the edge of a nervous breakdown. Desperate to find a way out of the perilous police career that had been chosen for him, he is on leave. Then another girl is found dead. With a serial killer on the loose, Chen is pulled back to work and into his most dangerous assignment yet.