Marie Curie: Mother of Modern Physics

  • ISBN: 9781402753183
  • Autor: Borzendowski Janice
  • Availability: On request
  • Publisher: Sterling Publishing
  • Published: 2009-04-09
    Pages: 128
    Format: 190 x 140 mm

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Janice Borzendowski tells Madame Curie's remarkable story, exploring: Marie's many firsts, including becoming the first woman awarded a Ph.D. in physics and the first woman to win a Nobel Prize; her amazing personal and professional relationship with husband Pierre Curie, with whom she worked side-by-side; the tragedies that affected Marie deeply, including the loss of her mother and brother at a young age; the difficulties she had establishing herself in Parisian scientific circles, both as a woman and a foreigner; and, the importance of Marie's work and the tragic consequences of not understanding the dangers of the radioactive materials she was researching.