Eccentric Australia

  • ISBN: 9781841622378
  • Autor: Parish Steve
  • Availability: Out of stock
  • Publisher: Bradt Travel Guides
  • Published: 2008-01-15
    Pages: 256

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A novel addition to the Bradt Eccentric range, unlike previous titles this takes images as its focus, accompanied by a very personal text, both of which draw extensively on Steve Parish's 30 years' experience photographing and exploring Australia.


Parish's lifelong enjoyment of his fun-loving country's more wacky elements is celebrated in style, including sculptures like the Big Lobster at Kingston, loo art, bizarre letterboxes, mad hatters and wheelie bin facelifts. Wildlife, too, is covered – what could be more odd than the weirdest of Australian creatures, the platypus?

Steve Parish is Australia's foremost photographer and publisher of Australiana and natural history. This is a title which will appeal to all Australians living in the UK (many of whom will have been brought up on Steve Parish's children's books) and anyone who has visited – or is planning to visit – this unique land.