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Best of Bar Design

From the Contents:

  • Sturecompagniet Club in Stockholm, Sweden (Alexander Lervik & Peter Hallén)
  • Bar at East Hotel in Hamburg, Deutschland (Jordan Mozer & Associates)
  • The Clinic at Clarke Quay in Singapore  (Concrete Architectural Associates)
  • Majik Café in Belgrade, Serbia (Karim Rashid)
  • XL in New York, USA (d-ash)

The bar is the architectural embodiment of the night. Light, materials, forms and colors in the right mixture can become a kind of intoxicating cocktail in themselves. Drink! is an architectural excursion through the world's most extraordinary bars. Established architects and innovative young designers have created a unique atmosphere in each bar using off-beat, colorful interiors and minimalist, reduced design ideas. This 400-page volume presents contemporary trends in bar design in all their creative variety.