Death After Death (The Books of Magic)

  • ISBN: 9781563897405
  • Autor: Rieber John Ney
  • Availability: Available
  • Publisher: Vertigo
  • Published: 2001-11-01
    Pages: 223
    Format: 257 x 168 mm

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Young Timothy Hunter has managed to lose nearly everything he's cared for since he started messing around with magic, and he's finally come to the only sensible conclusion: Give the magic away. Giving up all his magic, of course, doesn't work out the way Tim thinks it will, for there is a war between Heaven and Hell being waged solely around him, and the lives of his family hang in the balance. The fate of the entire world is dependent upon Tim's actions, a position that Tim is getting awfully tired of finding himself in, especially since he's already released his magic back into the world. But if he can find the right course to steer through the angels, demons and assorted deities swirling around him, it could mean a reasonably normal life for his father and new stepmother, not to mention himself.