Chill out: Cool Spaces

  • ISBN: 9783936761047
  • Autor: Bertram Job
  • Availability: Out of stock
  • Publisher: Feierabend Verlag
  • Published: 2003-06-16
    Pages: 120
    Format: 160 x 160 mm

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This is more than just a book! After a hard day’s work, most people would like nothing more than to let go and unwind—to chill out. But to chill out implies much more than simple stress relief, it also entails ways and means to reach that state of complete relaxation. This is the subject and title of this book. Chill Out leads you through a wide range of the globe’s most inspiring lounges and chill out rooms. Simple, down-to-earth photos explore the composition of space and explain the use of colors and the methods of design. This title comes with a DVD, which helps the reader to find perfect harmony by music and soothing pictures.