The Best American Comics 2015

  • ISBN: 9780544107700
  • Autor: Kartalopoulos / Lethem
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  • Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
  • Published: 2015-10-06
    Pages: 400
    Format:175 x 231 mm

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As I know well from my own field, true"vitality"consists of stuff that s further off the radar of general acclaim. The influx of raw arrivals. The deep cuts. Jonathan Lethem, from the Introduction "Featuring"Gabrielle Bell, Mat Brinkman, Roz Chast, Anya Davidson, Eleanor Davis, Jules Feiffer, Blaise Larmee, Raymond Pettibon, Ed Piskor, Joe Sacco, Esther Pearl Watson, and others. JONATHAN LETHEM is the author of nine novels, including"Motherless Brooklyn, ""The Fortress of Solitude, ""Gun, with Occasional Music, "and most recently"Dissident Gardens." BILL KARTALOPOULOSis a Brooklyn-based comics critic, educator, curator, and editor. He teaches comics history at the School of Visual Arts. More information may be found at"