• Kod: 9783937406411
  • Autor: Praca zbiorowa
  • Dostępność: Zapytaj o dostępność
  • Producent: Ear Books
  • Tekst w jęz.: ang. wym. 28 x 28 cm Stron 120 w tym 98 z kolorowymi ilustracjami, m.in. dwustronicowymi rozkładówkami Oprawa twarda

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This is a set of a book and four CDs. Dresden - no other city was as brilliantly influenced by the Baroque style. Saxony's aristocracy revelled in grand appearances and created a stage for their courtly life. The ruling class had a taste for art and they attracted painters from many countries. The city offered a plenitude of motifs. These artistic documents are united in this unique book. The CDs reflect Dresden Baroque's magnificent tradition of music. Composers such as Heinichen, Pisendel or Zelenka represent fullness in sound. Rich instrumentation, and virtuosity; here they are performed by Saxony's trumpet star, Ludwig Guttler.