Armstrong's Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice

  • Kod: 9780749452421
  • Autor: Armstrong Michael
  • Dostępność: Zapytaj o dostępność
  • Producent: Kogan Page
  • Rok wydania: 2009-05-03
    Ilość stron: 1088
    Oprawa: miękka

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"Armstrong's Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice" is the classic text for all students and practitioners of HRM. Providing a complete resource for understanding and implementing HR in relation to the needs of the business as a whole, it includes in-depth coverage of all the key areas essential to the HR function. The 11th edition has been radically updated to create a cutting-edge textbook, which encourages and facilitates effective learning. Comprehensive on-line support material is provided for both the instructor and student; providing a complete teaching resource for lecturers and material for students to test their learning. The text has been updated to include all the latest developments in HRM, including a new chapter on social responsibility.