All Shall be Well; and All Shall be Well; and All Manner of Things Shall be Well

  • Kod: 9780099506935
  • Autor: Wodicka Tod
  • Dostępność: Dostępna
  • Producent: Vintage
  • Rok wydania: 2008-07-03
    Ilość stron: 272
    Oprawa: miękka
    Format: 130 x 200 mm

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Meet Burt Hecker, aka Eckbert Attquiet, a 63 year old medieval re-enactor with a momentous nose, who dresses in tunics and drinks too much home-made mead. His treasured wife Kitty has died and their strange and beautiful relationship is now the stuff of history; he has sold all of his possessions and bought a one-way ticket to Europe, bent on rescuing his beloved son Tristan from the 'evil' city of Prague. If only he knew that his son doesn't want to be rescued, or found.