Affordable Couture

  • Kod: 9781908126245
  • Autor: Armstrong Jemi, Arroz Linda
  • Dostępność: Brak
  • Producent: Vivays
  • Rok wydania: 2012-10-23
    Ilość stron: 208
    Oprawa: miękka
    Format: 220 x 170 mm

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From Paris to Peoria, couture is a hot topic. Almost before a designer's runway show is finished, images of the current season's offerings are posted on the internet. Fashion magazines not only present designer clothes in fashion layouts, but also show the readers how to get the look for less. Affordable Couture is not about how to recreate the look with what are commonly referred to as knock-offs. This practical guide book will give collectors and enthusiasts a better understanding of the high end designer fashion market, specifically how and where to look for affordable couture, resale couture and high end vintage pieces.