A Breath of Snow and Ashes

  • Kod: 9780099278245
  • Autor: Gabaldon Diana
  • Dostępność: Zapytaj o dostępność
  • Producent: Arrow Books
  • Rok wydania: 2001-05-12
    Ilość stron: 1424
    Oprawa: miękka
    Format: 179 x 112 mm

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Their love has survived the test of time. But can it survive fate? It is America, 1772 - it is only a few years before the war of independence and the colony seethes with unrest. As battle lines are drawn up and loyalties tested, no one is safe in this new country. Jamie Fraser receives a message from Governor Josiah Martin. He wants Jamie's help to keep the backcountry safe for King and Crown. But Jamie knows what's to come. His wife, Claire, has travelled back from the twentieth century and she knows what will happen to those loyal to the King of England. Exile or death. Neither prospect appeals to Jamie. But Claire knows something else. From her own time she's read an article, dated 1776, reporting the destruction by fire of their home on Fraser's Ridge and the death of those who live there. Jamie hopes Claire is wrong, for once, about the future. But only time will tell...