3 Commando Brigade

  • Kod: 9780091926960
  • Autor: Southby-Tailyour Ewen
  • Dostępność: Brak
  • Producent: Ebury Publishing
  • Rok wydania: 2009-05-28
    Ilość stron: 320
    Oprawa: miękka
    Format: 128 x 198 mm

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The 3 Commando Brigade's six month deployment in Helmand Province was among the finest pieces of soldiering I have come across' - General Sir Richard Dannett, Chief of General Staff. In October 2006, the Royal Marine Commandos took up their six month tour of duty in war-torn Helmand Province, southern Afghanistan - the toughest and hottest war zone on earth. After the tactical retreat of their predecessors, the Paras, the Marines knew they would have to take a different approach to have any chance of success. So they took the war to the enemy. Roving and aggressive, the Commandos forced the insurgent Taliban on to the back foot. As a result, they were involved in daily fire fights of an intensity not encountered by British troops since North Korea."3 Commando Brigade" is a thrilling first-hand account of that dogged, heroic pursuit of the Taliban by the ordinary Marines, sailors and soldiers responsible. It is a story of valor, fortitude, supreme physical and mental fitness, and unrivaled professionalism under the most testing of circumstances. The account explodes from the first page with Operation Glacier, a graphic, no-holds-barred account of a Commando attack on a key Taliban base south of Garmsir - a battle that ends with the dramatic recovery of a Corporal's body from alongside the fort by Apache helicopters. From this opening salvo the action never lets up, offering a startlingly honest account of the war in Afghanistan as told by the junior officers, corporals and marines on the ground.